Agrios Leon

A gentle giant


I led a rich and happy life there, in Peuranhauta. Surrounded by deep forest, hunting was one of my main hobbies. For us, two things matter the most in a person; their strength and their honesty. We keep no secrets from each other, and we get to know our neighbor.
I spent my youth being like a so-called adventurer. As teams, we would gather to explore the area around us, hunt food, sometimes to sell it, and find other villages to trade goods. Often we would find bandits on our way. Maybe even more frequently during the later years of my life. Some gangs had even tried to attack and vandalize our village. We still have no idea where they came from.
Maybe it is our race that intimidates others. Maybe our place of inhabitance is a strategic one. Or perhaps it is our small population that makes others think we are an easy target.
This is why physical strength is so important to us. To protect ourselves. A strong man is respected. A strong woman is appreciated and is ideal for marriage.
To show our chain of victories we don´t keep scores. No one boasts about their great battles with fancy, pretty weapons. Their facial hair shows it. You can either grow long hair, or a beard. Also, people who are appreciated among their comrades get a nickname. For me, that was “Agrios Leon”, which means “wild lion”. We are simple people, just like that.
After years of hunting and fighting, I realized that I couldn’t find the same pleasure as before from adventuring. I wanted to have a more peaceful life. I started working at an old folk’s inn, serving drinks and food, and got to like the job quite a lot. After the old friend passed away, I took over his business.
I thought that was going to be my life from then on, but I was proven wrong.
While chopping wood on a cold afternoon, I noticed far away a weak shining star. Moments after, I was stroked with a blinding light, so powerful like a meteorite, so strong it made me pass out. When I woke up, I felt like a completely different person.
Another life passed before my eyes. Another person’s life, memories, emotions, goals, will. Her name was Nobul. I couldn’t ignore that incident. Her faith opened my eyes, showed me things I couldn’t have imagined in my wildest dreams.
I decided to follow her tracks, trusting my instinct, once again travelling as an adventurer, and fulfill the purpose of her life, which was so unfairly and suddenly taken away.
This is how I ended up in Whiteford, how I met Nobul’s comrades, even though I haven’t told anyone in person yet my purpose of travelling and joining their guild.
In just one day, I realized how small we are against the world. I am prepared for the worse, and I will try to protect everyone with my life, as well as find Nobul’s siblings to save them from the Shadowlands. This would have been her wish.


Agrios Leon

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