Bethanel: Conquered Tower

(Early Summer)
Our plan was to go to the old Tower that was recently conquered by giant bug-like creatures, and collect some of them for the promised bounty. By the time we reached the fortress by the river, the evening was upon us and we decided to make only a short scout on the other side of the river. The bridge had been destroyed, which will hopefully prevent the creatures from being a serious threat to humans. To our relief we only encountered a few of the creatures which suggests that they are not moving towards civilized regions.

The following day we arrived to the Tower, and saw the city completely filled by the creatures. It is no wonder that the bugbears had to leave it behind. Whoever decided to disturb the creatures in their underground tunnels sealed the faith of the city. We decided that the best course of action would be to burn down the city and as many creatures as possible with it. Luckily we had Vaeno with us, so it was no problem to set the buildings on fire from a distance. Unfortunately some of the creatures noticed us and attacked. The creatures are intelligent enough to not fall into an animalistic panic when faced with fire. We were able to fend them off only for a moment before their number became too great and we had to retreat. They gave chase with a surprising amount of stamina. Only when our dog-riding companion Lily was in danger of falling behind and Vaeno raised a wall of fire between us and the creatures, they returned back to their city.

On the following day we were able to return to the Tower and collect parts of the creatures for the promised bounty. Lily braved entering the city and reported that there were still plenty of creatures alive. It seems that the tower and the city beneath it has been lost to the creatures, and that there is no returning to the underground tunnels either. The next mission regarding the creatures is to design a way to catch one of them alive and transport it back to Whiteford for studying them. I also recommend sending a party to estimate the destruction brought on by the fire. The creatures were too numerous to be significantly diminished by it, but fire or some other means of mass destruction is needed to win the city back.


Belmikor Belmikor

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