The lion´s agony

As darkness spreads, suffocating under the ominous cloud covering the sky above us, I can only find a minute of peace under a miserable old tree, before I enter the shelter and close my eyes for this night.
The things we have faced today, I have never seen even in my wildest dreams. Ignorance is said to be bliss, but I wish I knew more about the dangers I was stepping into before the light struck me. Thinking of her life before me, the fear in her eyes, I can understand her fully. It now gives me the chills, while at the time of the battle there was no time for silly thoughts. The adrenaline was so high, the blood in my veins pumping, the sweat running like rivers on my dirty skin, and the only movement I could make was yield that maul and hit the enemy as hard as I could, despite the pain in all of my muscles.
I don´t know how many times I tried. It all seems blurry. I remember luck was not with me at the start, and I was so anxious to get into battle but the wall was high and my arms were weak after our returning trip. When I climbed it, I saw the ugly creature. I can´t remotely remember my hits, there was loads of blood splashing on my face, armor and arms, and that damn thing wouldn´t be killed. Eventually all of us, like empty hearted, bloodthirsty monsters started hitting it as it was lying helpless on the roof. My eyes were watering but I kept going. When it was over, I felt like a piece of my kind soul had died.
Yet, after all our efforts, the enemy was still going strong, penetrating Whiteford, causing chaos in this holy city.
Now, in the blissful silence of the night after the pandemonium, I can only think of her and her siblings. I keep a pouch hidden, with the money I have to return to them. I need to find that village, save whoever I can from them as well.
And then, lost in these memories, I wonder: is there even a village for me to return to? Is there a live soul outside of Whiteford anymore, or have the villages been destroyed by the wicked monsters? Would the people have a shelter from the cloud, or would they all fall victims of the taint and die?
I hold my amulet tight, seeing it glow in a mysterious way. I raise my head and try to see through the cloud. Is it a faint star over there, or are my eyes tricking me because of the exhaustion?
Only hope is what can keep me alive. I let a long breath out and step into the shelter. Tomorrow it continues.


Belmikor Evesther

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